Beautiful Thai Pashminas

Combining the softness of cashmere and the lustre of silk, these Thai pashminas are a truly beautiful addition to any wardrobe


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In a world of over seven billion people, sometimes it is hard for a woman to find her own niche- especially when it comes to fashion.

Thai pashmina scarves delivered direct from Thailand

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Pashmina is a rare type of cashmere wool of unparalleled comfort that will instantly upgrade the worldliness of any wardrobe and make you the talk of the town.

Did you know that the word ‘pashmina’ literally translates to “soft gold” in Kashmiri? People have hunted high and low for pashmina scarves in colors ranging from cherub pinks to voluptuous purples since the days of Marco Polo.

But now, is helping those of us who are not itinerant travellers get a truly unique and beautiful scarf at a fraction of the price those expensive overseas retail stores try to gouge out of you.

The combination of suppleness of cashmere and the lustre of Thai silk will make you feel like you have transcended into a heavenly kingdom of clouds and playful cherubs strumming harps. And the overwhelming versatility of pashmina scarves only also adds to their allure.

When you feel like you need a light-hearted way to accentuate your neckline, you can tie it in a “rosette neck” or simple “ascot” wrap for a walk in the park with your dog. But pashmina scarves are also an excellent way to keep your neck protected from the elements during the autumn and winter months.

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Why A Pashmina Shawl Is So Special?

A Pashmina shawl is not your everyday or normal day kind of wrap. This is a shawl that can compliment whichever look one has chosen to go out with. In addition to this, the Pashmina shawl is apparel that can be carried or used by girls and women from all age groups. By stating this, it is imperative that one notes this shawl turn worn outlook into a lively and trendy look.

One of the significant uses and advantages of the Pashmina shawl is that it is used to keep one warm. The shawl has been made of a material that easily encompasses the heat with one’s body thus she cannot lose heat to the surrounding environment. The name Pashmina is as of a result of warm, soft and fine cashmere that has been used to weave the apparel.

Among its numerous uses, the shawl can be tied to one’s handbag which will play a significant role in giving one a trendy look they desire. Another purpose is that it can also be tied around the neck as a scarf. All one needs to ensure that they do is match it with a good pair of jeans or any dress of formal nature.

For those that may not have an idea on what to buy for their mothers, aunties, sisters or grandmothers for Christmas, the Pashmina shawl is an excellent gift to them. Those that are not familiar with their origin, the shawls are made in Thailand and sold at our website whereby one can quickly create an order.

Caring for one’s Pashmina shawl is very vital as it will play a huge role in ensuring that it lasts for a long time.

Due to the materials that have been used to make it, you should ensure that it is:

washed separately from other colored clothes using hair shampoo in a lukewarm water;
avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach;
allow the item to dry flat away from sunlight;
press the item with moist cloth or fabric; and
twisting the Pashmina shawl can ruin its shape, thus remove excess water after washing by gently squeezing it.
The Authenticity Of the Pashmina Shawl
Numerous people are purchasing fake Pashmina shawls of which they are duped that they are the legit merchandise. One must be very careful when buying one, and they can ensure it is original by smelling it. An original Pashmina shawl smells like goats hair or singe hair. By stating this, it is essential that you know the fake Pashmina shawls smell like burning plastics.

Original Pashmina also feels velvety to the touch, and the label on them should indicate that they have been made by seventy percent cashmere. Owed to the fact that they are produced once a year, Pashmina shawls tend to be a bit expensive than one might expect. However, there are sellers and vendors that have connections thus can manage to sell the shawls at a much more affordable price.

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