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Burgundy Soft Silk Shawl




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  • 48in long x 20in wide
  • 122cm long x 50cm wide
  • Soft to Touch | Lightweight & Elegant
  • Burgundy Soft Silk Shawl


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Burgundy Silk Shawl

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This Burgundy Soft Silk Shawl, looks great draped loosely around your neck or body, and gives you a number of different looks and styles.

This Soft Burgundy Silk Shawl is made from silk and cotton, with sparkling silver thread running delicately through it.

The Burgundy Shawl is light and breathable, it is a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe, giving you relaxed glamour any time of year.

A beautiful burgundy shawl direct from Thailand


Silk has set the standard for suppleness and luxury for millennia but used to only be available to the most intrepid of travels or rich aristocrats.

Now, makes it easy for you to acquire this queen of fabrics with the click of a button. You can order a rich multi-toned burgundy silk shawl overlaid with a modern yet classic pattern and at a price that your friends will never believe.

A burgundy silk shawl is a distinctive way to add a worldly twist to spice up your wardrobe but its real value lies in its practicality. Despite its soft texture, silk is a relatively robust fabric that is able to resist stains and odors.

It is also incredibly absorbent making it the perfect accessory for a day at the beach. You can tie it up into a ‘shawl halter top’ knot on your way and then use it as a towel while you enjoy the sun’s rays.

When you are done, drape it around your shoulders and let this burgundy silk shawl flutter in the wind behind you. It also naturally draws perspiration away from your body while letting your skin breathe easily. A burgundy silk shawl is a great year-round accouterment though because it can also protect your against the cold autumnal and winter winds.

Simply tie it around your neck in a ‘slip’ knot and tuck it into your jacket on your way out the door; your neck will be nestled in warm comfortable goodness all day. is a reliable family wholesaler that specializes in helping people throughout Australia experience the sumptuousness of Thai silk in a full range of colors from hot pink to a rich multi-toned burgundy silk shawl without breaking the bank. So come to the website and find the perfect silk shawl to match your personality.