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Multi Coloured Traditional Silk Shawl

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  • 63in long x 24in wide
  • 160cm long x 60cm wide
  • Soft to Touch
  • Traditional Thai Multi Colored Silk Shawl




Traditional Thai Multi Coloured Silk Shawls

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Multi Coloured Traditional Silk Shawl

This Multi Coloured Traditional Silk Shawl is a wonderful and versatile addition to your wardrobe and can be worn in a number of ways.

A finely woven butterfly pattern shimmers with colour when you are wearing this Multi Coloured Shawl.

With rich colour and the natural sheen of silk, this traditional Thai Multi Coloured silk shawl will give you a bright, glamorous look for any occasion.

Have a beautiful new traditional Thai Multi Coloured silk shawl delivered to your door – your friends will not believe you when you tell them the price you paid!

Delivered to you free – Direct from Thailand.

Buy A Multi Coloured Shawl Online

If you’re a woman, you have probably at some point in your life looked at your closet and begrudgingly admitted that you have nothing to wear, that you are bored of your wardrobe.

What better way to inject some international vibrancy into your outfit selection than a hot pink scarf from The lissome nature of Thai silk, known as the ‘queen of fabrics’, will caress you while the eye-grabbing flashiness of a Multi Coloured shawl will make you feel like life is a one-act play with you featured as the starring role.

The magnificent versatility a multi-toned Multi Coloured silk shawl cannot be overstated. Its flashy yet supple nature is exactly the eye-catching accoutrement you need to make you the talk of the town.

But our shawls are not all just glitz and glam, our silk is resistant to stains and odors despite its delicate appearance. You can tie it in a “rosette neck wrap” letting it flutter in front of you adding a certain buoyancy to your outfit.

Or, if simplicity is your thing, you can put it into a “belted shawl’ knot or a ‘loose wrap’ over your clothing and just let the natural luster of a colorful hot pink silk shawl do the talking for you. is here to help you find a way to spice up your closet. A Multi Coloured silk shawl is exactly that- a wonderful blend of Thai traditional clothing with a hip modern color scheme.

Or perhaps you would like a more mature classical look; well, our easily navigable website allows you to choose from a comprehensive array of colors. And no matter which one you choose, the luxurious softness of our authentic Thai silk shawls will be delivered straight to your door from a reliable family wholesaler in ten days or less.