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Purple Pashmina – Patterned




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  • 70in long x 27.5in wide
  • 178cm long x 70cm wide
  • Soft to Touch
  • Luxurious Patterned Purple Pashmina Shawl


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Patterned Purple Pashmina

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Patterned Purple Pashmina

This light and soft Patterned Purple Pashmina, look great draped loosely around your neck or body, and gives you endless looks and styles.

This Purple Pashmina is light and breathable, and is a sensational addition to your wardrobe, giving you relaxed look any time of year.

Purple Pashmina


The combination of this rare type of cashmere with the soft and delicate floral pattern makes’s purple pashmina shawl the pinnacle of fashion and comfort. Match that with the incredible versatility of a shawl to accentuate any number of features of your body or personality and you will know why a purple pashmina shawl is an ideal addition to any woman’s closet.

The word ‘pashmina’ literally translates to “soft gold” in Kashmiri because the first time you wrap yourself up in our purple pashmina shawl, you will swear that you are being embraced by your grandmother. It doesn’t matter whether you leisurely drape it across your body highlighting the floral pattern or tie it up in a ‘loop and tuck shawl’ knot and fold it into your jacket to protect your neck from the cold, the lissome quality of our purple pashmina shawl will be readily apparent. You will have friends and passers-by alike wondering covetously where did she get that shawl.

You could also tie it in a ‘Hollywood hills’ knot and strut down the aisles of your local grocery store like a woman starring in her own fashion show. Or, you could tie it in the slimming ‘belted knot’ style and let it casually bounce with your natural gait. Any way you wear it, a floral patterned purple pashmina shawl is a wonderful way to feel cozy and confident, safe and secure, happy and homely, regardless of the time or season.

Though pashmina shawls have traditionally fetched very high prices, by cutting out the middleman, is trying to help the average woman have a worldlier wardrobe by delivering the luxurious softness of a purple pashmina shawl with a subtle beige floral pattern to your doorstep within ten days of your purchase. So take this wonderful opportunity to celebrate the world literally being at your fingertips.